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New January Gold Mini-Package

Posted on Monday January 01, 2018

Happy New Year!

With the coming of 2018, we're releasing the second in our new "Mini-Package" concept. (The first, of course, was the 2017 Christmas package with 6 titles.) We have 8 new titles, including 7 singing calls and one patter:

"My Tipperary Girl" will make a good song for St. Patrick's Day in March. ("Fare Thee Well" also has a hint of the Irish to it.) "Raspberry Pi" is a version of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's "Bluesberry Hill," but it's not an exact note-for-note reproduction -- give it a listen!

The package price is $40 for all 8 titles, but you can buy single titles out of the package for $10 each. (So, if you like more than three, just get the whole thing!)

As always, be sure to visit our friends at ESP and Silver Sounds and listen to their new offerings!

January Releases

Posted on Tuesday December 12, 2017

Because Christmas is coming, we're bringing out our January releases a little early. We know you'll be too involved with the festivities if we wait too long!

We have three new patters this month, and several tunes from the classic Red Boot library:

Please accept our best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and for whatever other holidays you might celebrate in this season!

As always, be sure to visit our friends at ESP and Silver Sounds!

December Releases

Posted on Friday November 17, 2017

This month, we have the last few titles from last year's Gold package making their debuts as singles. Plus, we have three new patters and seven — count 'em, seven — singing calls from the classic Red Boot library!

Be sure to check out our 2017 Christmas mini-package, with 3 patters and 3 singing calls. See the "Packages" page on the Riverboat website! And, as always, be sure to visit our friends at ESP and Silver Sounds!

R.I.P. Fats Domino

Posted on Wednesday November 01, 2017

To recognize the recent passing of legend Fats Domino, Riverboat is re-releasing the Red Boot version of one of his most recognizable hits:

November Releases

Posted on Thursday October 19, 2017

Our November releases include three songs from the classic Red Boot library, and three new patters:

We've also added some Christmas-themed alternate vocals to a couple of our previous releases. As always, if you've already purchased the title and would like the new vocal, contact Bob Elling.

RIV 762 - Mr. Sandman, part of the 2018 Gold Package, has a "Mr. Santa" vocal by Silver Sounds Music's Jack O'Leary. It also has an instrumental track enhanced with sleigh bells and other Christmas sounds.

RIV 557 - Summer Sounds now has a "Christmas Sounds" vocal by Lawrence Johnstone. There's an extra track enhanced with bell sound effects and hints of other Christmas songs; this is included as a split track with the main music on the left channel and the enhancements on the right channel so that you can dial them in and out as you wish.

Don't forget to look at our Christmas Mini-Package of 6 songs as well. We released that at the beginning of the month.

As always, be sure to visit our friends at ESP and Silver Sounds!