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This IS The Way To Amarillo!

Posted on Tuesday July 25, 2017

When we came out with (Is This The Way To) Amarillo in last year's Gold package, we were set for Bob Baier to provide the vocal. However, a medical problem was preventing Bob from recording, so we released it with an alternate vocal by Lawarence Johnstone and left a place for Bob to add his at a later date.

Bob Baier has now been able to provide his vocal for RIV 691, and it has been added to the website. As always, if you've already purchased the title and want to receive the new vocal, just contact Bob Elling directly.

Bob Baier also has a vocal in the upcoming 2018 Riverboat Gold package. Watch for it!

August Releases

Posted on Tuesday July 18, 2017

We have three songs from the 2017 Gold Package making their single debuts, plus three new patters and three songs from the classic Red Boot library:

Volcano was Tim Marriner's last song for Riverboat. (He also did Goodnight Sweetheart, Pink Cadillac and Elmer's Tune.) Tim was well-known for the vocal effects he could produce, and this release includes a track featuring music with Tim's special effects on the figures, so that you can perform along with Tim.

You can find a video of Joe Saltel calling Matthew at the 2016 National Square Dance Convention in Des Moines, IA on our Facebook Videos page.

As always, be sure to visit our friends at ESP and Silver Sounds!

July Releases

Posted on Thursday June 15, 2017

With the National Square Dance Convention coming up next week, we're releasing four titles from the 2017 Gold Package as singles, plus two new patters, a new singing call, and five titles from the classic Red Boot library:


Other new releases and re-releases:

RIV 698 - Bad Romance is a singing call based on a Lady Gaga song, but it also makes a great patter!

As always, be sure to visit our friends at ESP and Silver Sounds!


June Releases

Posted on Tuesday May 16, 2017

As we come up on June, we're releasing a new singing call, a new patter, a singing call from the classic Red Boot library, and several songs from the 2017 Gold package:

The Gold package songs making their debut as singles this month:

Last month, we released a new version of "Seven Spanish Angels" as RIV 660. Many people were familiar with the version originally released on Red Boot Star (RBS 1283), but the Riverboat version has a much less hurried feel. (Not to mention Dan Nordbye's great vocal!) To show the contrast, Bob is now including the original Red Boot Star music as an "A" (alternative) track with RIV 660, and is in the process of sending that track out to everyone who bought RIV 660 in the past month.

As always, be sure to visit our friends at ESP and Silver Sounds!

May Releases

Posted on Tuesday April 18, 2017

As May approaches, we're not only releasing a remake of a Red Boot song (and re-releasing another Red Boot), but we're also starting to release some of the songs from our 2017 Gold Package.

Note that RIV 660 is NOT just a re-release of RBS 1283. It's a remake, with a much less rushed feel to it. Check it out!

The following songs are being released as singles out of the 2017 Gold package:

RIV 691 is not "Amarillo By Morning" -- it's Tony Christie's "(Is This The Way To) Amarillo." Bob Baier was selected to do the vocal, but he hasn't been able to record for a while so Lawrence was asked to do an alternate vocal. Take a listen to the music -- it has the potential to be a show-stopper!

And, as always, be sure to visit our friends at ESP and Silver Sounds! Both of them have several fun recent releases out!

2017-04-22 Addendum
We've just added a background vocal track (with the vocals on a split track so you can fade them in and out) to RIV 426 - Lion Sleeps Tonight. It'll be included with all new purchases -- and, as always, if you've already purchased RIV 426 and would like the new track, just contact Bob Elling and it's free to you.

2017-04-29 Addendum
We've added an additional music track, brightening some of the lead instruments and adding a modulation on the closer, for RIV 524 - You Raise Me Up. Wade Driver has already complimented it on Facebook! As above, if you've already purchased RIV 524, you can get the new track from Bob at no additional cost.