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Top Downloads
(as of 2018-10-19)

All TimeLast 12 MonthsLast 30 Days
  1. RIV 242 - Fur Elise (Patter)
  2. RIV 295 - Fuji Mountain Breakdown (Patter)
  3. RIV 347 - Ode To Joy
  4. RIV 243 - Fiesta (Patter)
  5. RIV 250 - YMCA
  6. RIV 308 - Sonora (Patter)
  7. RIV 322 - Riverboat Hustle (Patter)
  8. RIV 318 - Riverboat Swing (Patter)
  9. RIV 251 - Mickey Mouse
  10. RIV 292 - On Que (Patter)
  1. RIV 805 - Queen Of The Dance (Patter)
  2. RIV 816 - Dreamy Disco (Patter)
  3. RIV 842 - Bluegrass Swing (Patter)
  4. RIV 1015 - Lone Ranger (Patter)
  5. RIV 789 - Mighty Mouse (Patter)
  6. RIV 859 - Sing, Sing A Song
  7. RIV 1022 - Boogie Sticks (Patter)
  8. RIV 795 - Hardwood Dance Floor (Patter)
  9. RIV 774 - I Need A Hero
  10. RIV 814 - Canadian Mist (Patter)
  1. RIV 1031 - Little Sister
  2. RIV 1032 - The House Is Rockin'
  3. RIV 1025 - I Just Called To Say I Love You
  4. RIV 1024 - I Wanna Be Seduced
  5. RIV 1026 - Island In The Sun
  6. RIV 1028 - North To Alaska
  7. RIV 861 - Pepperoncini (Patter)
  8. RIV 1027 - When You Say Nothing At All
  9. RIV 1029 - Love Is Kind Love Is Wine
  10. RIV 1030 - Birth Of The Blues
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October Releases

Posted on Wednesday October 10, 2018

For a change, our October releases are actually coming out in October this time around! We have a patter and 3 singing calls...

This Is Me is from the motion picture "The Greatest Showman," done as an ensemble number in the film. You can see a clip of the film version on YouTube.

In addition, we have a new female vocal and female-key instrumental for RIV 513 - Simple Gifts (Lord of the Dance), by Lisa Lincoln. Those of you who've already purchased Simple Gifts can contact Bob Elling directly to receive the new tracks.

As always, be sure to visit our friends at ESP and Silver Sounds!

New AUTUMN GOLD Mini-Package

Posted on Saturday September 15, 2018

Here's our next mini-package: 2018 Autumn Gold. It contains 9 new singing calls. (No patter this time around.)

As with our other mini-packages, you can buy single titles out of the package for $10 each. Or, you can get all 9 for $45 -- 50% off the single-title price.

Female Vocals

Posted on Monday August 27, 2018

We've just added female vocals to several songs that have already been released in our catalog for a while.

As always, if you've already purchased one of these titles and would like the new vocal, contact Bob Elling directly. And, if you're a female caller who's interested in recording a vocal to one of our existing releases, contact him!

September Releases

Posted on Wednesday August 15, 2018

Here's our next set of releses, just as I'm getting ready to leave for the USAwest Square Dance Convention in Reno, NV. We have three new singing calls, three new patters, and two songs from the classic Red Boot library:

Our Japanese friends really enjoy doing gospel tunes! Check them out!

As always, be sure to visit our friends at ESP and Silver Sounds!

August Releases

Posted on Tuesday July 24, 2018

Here come our August releases: three new tunes, a couple of songs from the classic Red Boot library, and three new patters.

As always, be sure to visit our friends at ESP and Silver Sounds! ESP released three new titles at the beginning of July, and Silver Sounds released one as well.

About Riverboat Records

Riverboat Records was purchased in the 1980s by Bob Elling in the San Francisco Bay Area. His love of both square dancing and good music has driven his dedication to create the finest square dance music available. The early years produced several square dance records using top-notch musicians, including Phil Aaberg and Norton Buffalo.

Due to the priorities of raising a family, there was no new music produced for almost 20 years. Around 2005 Bob began to teach and call square dancing to local 3rd and 4th graders once a week. He loves teaching the kids and has a desire to use music that they could relate to.

A good friend and caller, Ken Bower, encouraged Bob to start recording square dance music again, and so he did. Ken then recorded the vocal for the first "new" recording on Riverboat, Misty.

Bob enjoys producing many types of songs and especially ones appropriate for grade schoolers. Some of his more popular songs for all ages include: Mickey Mouse, Oh Johnny Oh, Y.M.C.A., Heigh Ho, Funky Town, Best Years of Our Lives, Big Pig Jig, American Land, and On With the Show. Most of these recordings include alternate choreography that can be taught in just a few minutes to kids or adults. The kids have responded with amazing enthusiasm.

In addition, there has been a great deal of support from some of the best talent in the country to bring variety and more life to the music. These fun square dance tunes are fun for both kids and adults. Bob's dream is to have this music used in the classroom by school teachers all over the world.

Riverboat Records also has modern patter music with a great dance beat. The variety of music ranges from bluegrass to funky, so there's something for everyone.

In 2010, Riverboat introduced its Gold subscription series. For just $100, a package of 20 new hoedowns and singing calls is made available exclusively to subscribers. At the end of the year those titles enter the regular Riverboat catalog and a new package is made available to Gold subscribers.

Bob would like to acknowledge the help and support that he has received from Elmer Sheffield (ESP Records), Jack O'Leary (Silver Sounds), Michael Salacuse (Circle Left Recording), Bobby Kennedy, Carl Kaye, Tracy Brown, Rich Reel, and Lawrence Johnstone. He also wants to thank his wife, Lois, for her support in this endeavour that he loves so much.

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Riverboat Records
c/o Bob Elling
16000 Marcella St.
San Leandro, CA 94578

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