Our Sergeant Major
Dedicated to William K Wright and Stephen Wright And all the E8's I have kown and Respected -- R.F.
Caller Name
Bob Farnell
Caller Name
Corben Geis
(Courtesy Silver Sounds Records)

Sides face, Grand Square
Now there’s a sergeant major, enjoys life while he can
To prove to all the ladies he’s a soldier and a man
Te sticks out his chest, two pillows in his vest
A bolster under his rotunda
Allemande Left and Weave
He’s far away the worst friend we’ve ever had
Swing your Partner and Promenade home
*In the canteen bar, you know what sergeants are
When we’ve passed out, who’s the last out, Our Sergeant Major

Break Lyrics

*Our bugler goes his rounds,And when the bugle sounds,
For everlastin'! Who's he blastin'? Our sergeant major!

Closer Lyrics

*The mascot goat we own,Though big and fat has grown,
Wild and warlike,It's far more like Our sergeant major!


Heads/Sides Flutterwheel,  Sweep 1/4 more
Pass Thru, all Right & Left Thru, turn the girl you know
Veer Left, Ferris Wheel
Come to the middle, Pass Thru
All Swing Thru, Boys Trade, Turn Thru
Allemande Left and Promenade
He’s got a raucous voice, his language isn’t choice,
In clink we’d shove him, how we’d love him, Our Sergeant Major

Alternate Lyrics

His weight about he’ll throw, the wicked so and so
Who’d even smother his own mother...

Now he makes raw recruits, just tremble in their boots,
He calls them slackers, who’s gone crackers? Our Sergeant Major.

His feet fill up the road, knock-kneed and pigeon toed,
We’d sooner shoot him then salute him...


Wild and warlike, It's far more like Our sergeant major!