Hello Dolly Elmer Sheffield
Elmer Sheffield
(Courtesy ESP Recordings)

Circle Left
*I said hello Dolly,  well hello Dolly
It's so nice to have you back where you belong

Men Star Right and roll it around
Allemande the Corner and Weave the Ring
You're looking swell Dolly,  I can tell Dolly
Meet your girl and Promenade on home
Oh take her wrap, fellows; find her an empty lap, fellows
Dolly'll never go away again

Break Lyrics

*I feel the room swaying, while the band's playing
One if your old favorite songs from way back when


Heads Square Thru, go four hands around
Meet your Corner girl and Slide Thru
Right and Left Thru,  and then Flutter wheel
Sweep One Quarter more and then make a wave
Swing Thru and then Swing Thru again
Boys Run Right and you Promenade
So golly gee fellows, find her an empty knee fellows
Dolly'll never go away again