tight fitten jeans
red boot
elmer sheffield


circle left
 she tried to hide it by the faded denim clothes she wore
    but i knew she'd never been inside a bar before 
walk all around your corner ladyh, seesaw your own
men star by the right inside & roll it around you run
allemande the corner lady, weave around the ring
when you meet your own, swing & promenade the ring
 i felt just like a peasant who had just met a queen
    and she knew i saw right thru her tight fitten jeans 


heads/sides square thru & you roll it once around you go
dosado that corner girl around you know
you touch 1/4 then, split circulate and go
boys run right & now go right & left thru & turn 'em go
and then you pass the ocean then scoot back about 1 time
 tonite she left those crystal candelights to live a dream
    and partner there's a tiger in those tight fitten jeans 


all 4 ladies promenade once around you go
get on back & swing that man, swing him high & low
you join up hands & circle to the left, go walking around the ring
do an allemande left with the corner girl, you're gonna weave around the ring
 she said i married money & i'm used to wearing pearl 
swing that pretty little girl & you promenade around the ring
 as she played out her fantasy before my eyes it seems
    a cowgirl came alive inside those tight fitten jeans 


 lord i loved that lady wearing tight fitten jeans 

alternate lines

 a cowboy once had, a millionaires dream & 
    lord i loved that lady wearing tight fitten jeans