Cowboys' Christmas Ball    (RIV 559)  Bob Farnell


Grand Square
Way out in West Texas, where the Clear Fork's water flows
Where the cattle are "a-browsin'," an' the Spanish ponies grow
Where the Northers "come a-whistlin'," And the old dust devils roll
And the prairie dogs are sneezin', Circle to the Left
Where the lonesome tawny prairies melt into the airy streams,
Swing your girl around and Promenade
Where the antelope is grazin' and lonely drovers call-
It was there that I attended "The Cowboys' Christmas Ball."


Heads Square Thru count 'em 4 hands And Go
All the Way Then A Right and Left Thru Turn 'em Joe
Pass thru and Trade By
Square Thru Three Hands then trade by a you do,
Touch one Quarter Then Scoot Back  
Swing the corner lady round and Promenade with ease
You Mavericks, join the roundup just skip the waterfall,
It was gettin' active,  The Cowboys' Christmas Ball !


Grand Square
The music was fiddle, an' a lively tambourine,
And a Big Bass violin Ported by stage from Abilene.
The room was togged out gorgeous with mistletoe and shawls,
And the candles flickered frescoes, Circle to the Left
The women folks looked lonely the boys looked kinder treed,
Swing your girl around and Promenade if you please
And the music was a sighin', an' a-wailin' through the hall,
As a kind of introduction to "The Cowboys' Christmas Ball."


Grand Square
The boys were tolerable skittish, the ladies powerful neat,
The old bass violins music Just got there with both feet !
That wailin', frisky fiddle, I never shall forget;
And Windy kept a singin'  Allemande Left and weave
O Yes, chase your squirrels, an' cut 'em, to one side, 
Swing your girl around and Promenade
Oh, Bill, I shan't forget yer, and I'll oftentimes recall,
That lively-gaited soiree- "The Cowboys' Christmas Ball."


That lively-gaited soiree- "The Cowboys' as Ball."