Let's Get Back To Me And YouRIV-516
Elmer Sheffield


Circle, now!
I'm always on the road, and you're always all alone
And I'm not always there when I'm home

Left Allemande the Corner, Turn a Right hand 'round your Partner
Do a Left Allemande, Weave along
I'm ready for a little change, ready to take some blame
Now, Swing a little girl and Promenade
Let's start holdin' hands, let's start makin' plans
Honey, let's get back to me and you

Break Lyrics

Lets get back in love, back to dreamin' of Oh, the little things that we used to do

Closer Lyrics

Well, I don't like the blues, I like love that's true Honey, let's get back to me and you


Heads Reverse Flutterwheel; Promenade outside Halfway 'round
Lead Right and all Veer Left, Ladies Trade now
Bend that Line in time
Now, Square Thru 3 hands 'round
Take your Corner by the left and you
Promenade the lady 'round you know
It's not like it was when we fell in love, honey
Lets get back to me and you


Honey, let's get back to me and you