Weave Me The Sunshine Caller Name
Jack O'Leary
(Courtesy Silver Sounds Music)

Four Ladies Chain, turn with that girl
Rollaway, Circle Left
Four Ladies Rollaway, Circle again
Left Allemande, Weave the Ring... (sing it with me) (sing it again)
Weave, weave weave me the sunshine
Swing that girl and Promenade
Weave me the hope of a new tomorrow
And fill my cup again


Heads (sides) Square Thru, four hands go
Around your corner Do-Sa-Do
Swing Thru, Girls Circulate, Boy Trade, Boy Run
Bend the Line, Star Thru, Square Thru to 3
Swing the Corner, Promenade
If you want to drink in the golden fountain
Shine on me again.


Here's where you bow to the partner, corner too
And thank your girl, that's all, we're through