If Bubba Can Dance Caller Name
Jason Raleigh

4 Girls Promenade walking around that ring
Get back and Swing the boy around
Now we join hands and Circle Left go walking round the ring
Allemande Left and Weave the Ring.
*When I saw him out there the very first time I knew
Swing that girl and Promenade
If Bubba can dance...I can too

Break Lyrics

*Everybody in the house stand back and give me some room


Head/Sides Promenade travel Half-Way around the ring
Walk in and Square Thru 4 hands around
Go all the way and a Right and Left Thru
Pass thru, Trade By, Touch 1/4
Scoot Back, Scoot Back again
Swing the girl and Promenade the ring
If Bubba can dance...I can too


Well, If Bubba can dance...I can too