Husband And Wife Caller Name
Max Masao Ringe

Sides Face, Grand Square
I still remember the night we first met
A night I’ll never forget
I took your hand and we danced all night long
To all of our favorite songs

Left Allemande and Weave
I knew you were special and I felt a chill.
Time just seemed to stand still
When I kissed your lips and I looked in your eyes
At the moment I realized


Circle Left
(That I wanted) you for my wife for the rest of my life
And when in God’s holy hands

Do Paso
To love you forever for worse and for better
The vow that I’d made to you

Four Ladies Chain
I place a ring on your finger for forward to see
Chain Back
Just how much you mean to me
And we grow together side by side forever
Knowing we are “Husband and Wife”?

FIGURE 1, 2, 3

Heads Square Thru four hands you go
With the Corner lady Do Sa Do
Swing Thru and then, Boys Run to the right,
Bend the Line, Reverse the Flutter Wheel
Go Forward and Back, Pass the Ocean,
Boys Run to the Right, and Promenade
*When I kissed your lips and I looked in your eyes
*At the moment I realized


Sides Face, Grand Square
A ring on your finger’s the purest of gold
A sign that our love won’t grow old
And I’ll honor and love you through good times and bad
Try never to make you feel sad

4 Ladies Chain 3/4
Our wedding day when we shared our first dance,
Take her by the hand and Promenade Romance
*I kissed you again and remembered back when,
*I knelt on one knee and I said…


Knowing we are “Husband and Wife”