Chirpa Chirpa Cheep Cheep
Caller Name
Lawrence Johnstone

Circle Left
Where's your momma gone
Little baby bird

Left Allemande your Corner, DoSaDo
Boys Star Left one time
Turn your Partner Right and find your Corner there
Left Allemande, come back and Promenade
Last night I heard my momma singing this song
Chirpa chirpa cheep cheep chirp


Heads/Sides Star Thru, Pass Thru
Right & Left Thru the outside two, Veer Left
Couples Circulate one time, Bend the Line
Reverse Flutterwheel and go
Flutterwheel across and you Sweep A Quarter more
Swing your Corner girl and Promenade her
Woke up this morning and my momma was gone
Chirpa chirpa cheep cheep chirp


Chirpa chirpa cheep cheep chirp