The Pleasure Has Been Mine Caller Name
Nelda Eaton

Circle Left
In sunset years I sing about a story that came upon me
And I've seen so many changes I must say

Allemande Left your Corner, Turn your Partner by the Right
Allemande Left that Corner, Weave the Ring
I would like to take a moment to thank you all sincerely
For the pleasure of your company and time
If you've enjoyed my music and the songs that I was singing
I can only say, "The pleasure, it was mine."

Break Lyrics

Well, it's never seemed to matter if the sun was shining brightly
Or the snow lay deep on the ground
And here's to all the people, some gone but not forgotten

Meet that girl and all Promenade
I raise my hand in honor to thank you most sincerely
I'd like to say the pleasure has been mine


Sides face, Grand Square
I give my life to traveling country lanes and byways
It wasn't always easy, heaven knows
I give my soul to singing this good ol' country music
But first of all, I give my love to home

Allemande and Weave
Each day I thank the good Lord for my life and my children
The years have passed, but I'm still doing fine
'Til I see you all again, somewhere on life's journey
I'd like to say the pleasure has been mine


Heads/Sides Promenade and travel halfway 'round you go
Down the middle, Square Thru go 4
Four hands around and then, Touch 1/4 my friend
Scoot Back and then, those boys run right
Pass the Ocean here, All 8 Circulate
Boys Run Right and all Promenade
I'd like to take this time to thank you all sincerely
And tell you that the pleasure, it was mine


I'll tell you the pleasure, it was mine