The Pleasure Has Been Mine Caller Name
Elmer Sheffield
(Courtesy ESP Recordings)

Circle Left
For many years I sang about the storms that surround me
I've seen so many changes in my time

Men Star Right now, roll it once around
Allemande The Corner, Weave the Ring
I gave my soul to singing good ol' country music
Meet your girl and all Promenade
And if you've enjoyed my music and the songs I've been singin'
I can only say "The pleasure, it was mine"

Break Lyrics

It never seemed to matter if the sun was shining brightly
Or snow was knee-deep on the ground
I remember all the good times that we shared together
Oh, if you've liked my music and all my singin'
I'll tell you the pleasure, it was mine


4 Ladies Chain now, turn a girl around and then
You Roll her Away and Circle Left
Well, you gonna Roll that girl Away and a Circle that way
And do a Allemande the corner of the hall and you Weave that Ring
I'd like to thank you all for sharin' all the good times
Meet your girl and Promende
Until I see you again somewhere on life's journey
I'll tell you that the pleasure has been mine


Heads / Sides Promenade, it's halfway around now
Walk in, Square Thru 4
Four hands around and then, Swing Thru the outside two
Let the Boy Run Right and you Ferris Wheel
In the middle Square Thru 3, Turn Corner by the Left
Keep her and Roll Promenader them on along
I'd like to take the time to thank you all sincerely
And tell you that the pleasure, it was mine


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