Guitars And Tiki Bars Caller Name
Ken Bower

Circle Left
I'm tired of my beeper, I'm tired of my phone
I'm tired of this darned old tie I've got on

Allemande Left your Corner, Turn Partner by the Right
Go back and Allemande Left, come on and Weave it tonight
Well, I'm sick of the traffic jam that I am in
We all get sick of it all now and then
When I've had it up to here, I go down there
For guitars and tiki bars and a whole lot of love [beer in closer]


4 Ladies Chain, go across that ol' ring
You turn and Chain her back home there I sing
Join all your hands, gotta Circle the ring
and do a Left Allemande, come on and Weave the Ring
[Remainder same as opener]


Now Heads/Sides Lead to the Right, Circle 4, Make a Line
Go Forward up, come on Back, Touch 1/4
You Circulate, Boy Run Right
Go Right & Left Thru, turn your girl, Star Thru
You Slide Thru and Swing your Corner lady for me
Keep her and Promenade, go walkin' 'round there you see
It's mangoes and Marley, they fit like a glove
With guitars and tiki bars and a whole lot of love


Guitars and tiki bars and a whole lot of beer
Oh, for the good ol' days!