At Christmas Caller Name
Dan Nordbye

Sides face, Grand Square
It's my favorite time of year
Doorbells are ringin', everybody's here
Barely any room in the dining room tonight

Left Allemande and Weave
Pecan pie, you better warm it up
The bubbles are flowin', better fill your cup
Nothin' is better than all of us together at Christmas

Break Lyrics

You can feel it everywhere you
The whole town's wrapped up in a bow
It's the best kind of livin'
Everybody's just givin' a smile

(Remainder same as opener)


Heads/Sides you Promenade, you take 'em halfway 'round
Walk in and Square Thru, 4 hands around
4 hands and then a Right & Left Thru, you turn your girl and now
You Veer to the Left and Ferris Wheel
Well now, you Square Thru to 3 around that ring
You Swing that Corner girl around and Promenade that ring
No place that I'd rather be
Than bein' with my friends and my family


Yeah, nothin' is better than all of us together at Christmas