Don't Forget To Remember Me Caller Name
Dan Nordbye

Sides face, Grand Square
Oh my heart, it won't believe
Ohhhh...that you left me
I keep telling myself...that it's true

Allemande Left and Weave the Ring
I can get over anything
You want my love
But I can't get myself over you

Break / Closer Lyrics

Don't forget to remember me
And the love that used to be
I still remember you
I love you
In my heart lies a memory
To tell the stars above
Oh, don't forget to remember me


The Heads promenade, get a-halfway 'round
Come down the middle and Square Thru to 4
Go all the way around and then a Right & Left Thru
You Pass Thru, Trade By and then Star Thru
Square Thru and count 'em 3 hands around the ring
You Swing the Corner lady and you Promenade
Don't forget to remember me


Oh, don't forget to remember me, my love