The Running Kind / Lonesome Fugitive Elmer Sheffield
Elmer Sheffield
(Courtesy ESP Recordings)

Sides face, Grand Square
I was born the running kind, leaving always on my mind
Home was never home to me at any time

Allemande and Weave
Every front door found me hoping, I'd find the back door open
Just had to be an exit for the running kind

Break Lyrics

Around me there's a prison, surrounding me above
As real as any dungeon with it's walls of stone
I know running's not the answer, but it's always been my nature
A part of me that keeps me moving on


Heads Square Thru four hands around
Corner girl you DoSaDo
Swing Thru, Girls Fold, you Peel the Top
Right and Left Thru
Pass Thru  and then you Chase Right
Swing the corner girl and Promenade
I'm on the run, the highway is my home


I'm on the run, the highway is my home