Story Of My Life RIV 1001
Nils Trottmann


Circle Left
Someday I'm gonna write
The story of my life

Reverse and now Circle Right...go back home
And from there, Sides Face, Grand Square
I'll tell about the night we met
And how my heart can't forget
The me

Break Lyrics

I want the world to to know
The story of my life
The moment when your lips met mine
And that first exciting time
I me

Closer Lyrics

There's one thing left to do
Before my story's through
I've got to take you for my wife
So the story of my life
Can start...and end...with you


Heads Square Thru...let's go!
'round the Corner lady DoSaDo
Swing Thru and then, the Boy Run Right
Bend the Line, Right & Left Thru and turn her and go
Flutterwheel across, you all Slide Thru
Swing your girl around, all Promenade
The me


Give her a swing!
Can start...and end...with you